♔  —-                               TOUJOURS PUR 
The tale of three sisters; Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa Black.
With the second wizarding world war at it’s very peak, victory was within reach of Bellatrix Lestrange. She had lost so much to get to this very moment that all of it, all of the loss and the pain, felt worth it.  Choosing her duty over her love was a hard decision, while it may not have been the right one to most, it was to Bellatrix. She was rising so high that there was no way to go but down. Bellatrix Lestrange lost her life for power.
After losing her family long before the war, Andromeda managed to live a somewhat normal life with the one she loved the most. She made a choice to follow her heart instead of her sisters and to her, it was the right one. Of course when the second war emerged and came to an end, Andromeda was left with no one. Losing her husband and daughter to Death Eaters was an ironic blow. And when death came knocking at her door, Andromeda wanted nothing more than to see the faces of those she loved once again. Andromeda Tonks died for lost love.

And last but not least, Narcissa. The girl who seemed pulled between her sisters, her family and her sense of right and wrong. She stood by her husband throughout everything, watching on as he and others she cared for risked their lives for something that wasn’t worth it. Losing her sister to a muggleborn did make the girl bitter, but not enough to kill an innocent person. Narcissa could only simply look on as she lost her other sister, first to insanity, then to death. After all was done and peace had finally came, Narcissa continued to watch the world move on. Her son married, gave her grandchildren and lived a happy life. So when it was her time to go, having lost so much already, Narcissa Malfoy simply greeted death as an old friend.


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